Important Notice

R&TTE Services Ltd. are no longer offering assistance with meeting the requirements of the directive; this is due to the retirement of the owner – Alan Clark.  I would like to thank all my previous customers for their support.  The documents on this site will be available for a little longer but eventually the site will close.

Details and guidance on the R&TTE directive can be found on the Europa website –

For advice assistance with all aspects of this directive and others, please contact Michael Lowry of TUV Product Services – [email protected] – +44 1489 558306 –

The Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive, known as the R&TTE directive or RTTE for short, is the main route to compliance for Radio and Telecoms equipment that is sold in Europe. This site will be dedicated to bringing you practical advice on how to demonstrate compliance to this directive and enable you to put the CE Mark on your products.

With grateful thanks to the Europa Web Site – – here is the R & TTE Directive:-

Click Here for a printable copy in .pdf format

Click Here for a WEB based version, very good for reading on the screen